HNS to wear Newcastle uniforms for Friday’s game

NEWCASTLE – The showdown between Hartington-Newcastle and Wakefield means a lot more than meets the eye. First thing that is probably noticed is that both teams are 2-0 so it should be a challenging game for both sides, but the Wildcats are playing in Newcastle for this home game and that should amp up some players.

“My fear with playing in Newcastle next week isn’t that we won’t be ready, but that we will have some kids run through walls or fences and hurt themselves,” said co-head coach Corey Uldrich semi-jokingly. “There is going to be an energy level for some of these kids because we have guys that were in Junior High when the consolidation happened. They never got to wear the Newcastle uniform and play on that field. I think the fact that this is happening, we are going to have to figure out how to keep them under control.

They are going to be pretty amped up and we need to make sure we come and play a good football game.”