Collectors eager to grab a piece of Hartington’s oldest business

Auctioneer Ryan Creamer accepts a bid, while his son Austin displays an item for bidders to see at Saturday’s Globe Clothing Store auction.

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HARTINGTON — Hartington history was on display here Saturday at the Skylon Ballroom.
Collectors of all kinds flocked to the Skylon to check out an auction that included vestiges of Hartington’s oldest business — The Globe Clothing Store.
From an interesting life-sized Mike Tyson statue to extra coat hangers, there seemed to be something for everyone.
The auction also featured pieces from the Rusty Mustang in Yankton, and the Schroeder farm outside of Hartington.
The auction was handled by Creamer Heimes Janssen Auctioneers & Appraisers, and they spent five days prepping the Skylon Ballroom, putting everything out on display.
“The advertising and display kind of go hand in hand with how important they are,” said auctioneer Ryan Creamer. “The advertising brings the people in, but the display helps everyone know what is here so we can get more people to stay and bid.”
There were over 200 bid cards handed out, and just shy of 1,000 lots were auctioned off in just six hours.
“There are some really unique items here,” said owner of the Globe, Erin Schroeder. “I’ve never seen a Mike Tyson statue before, plus the Santa from the Globe storefront and things from my family back in New York. There is a lot of variety.”
Some of the big ticket items included mounted animals like a Gazelle with an impressive rack of antlers which sold for $525, and a water buffalo sold for just under that.
There was also a canoe split in half, and each half was auctioned individually.
“We had people from all around come to Hartington for the auction,” said Creamer. “I had people calling me from Omaha, South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota all inquiring about the auction a few days before.”
There were also a fair amount of Nebraska license plates that weren’t 13, 12 or 35.
“The auction has been a huge success,” said Schroeder. “I would guess anywhere between 400 and 500 people have come through today.”
With over 200 bid cards being handed out that is probably a pretty close guess, as throughout the day it seemed people came in groups of two or three. Some were families, some were friends helping each other load their purchases, and some were browsers that may not have bought anything at all. One thing is for sure, though, the auction floor was packed until the very end.
It took Ryan Creamer and his team five days to set everything up, and the buyers had it cleared out by 5 p.m.
The Schroeders bought The Globe Clothing Store a few months back, and they are planning on bringing their Yankton antique store business  — The Rusty Mustang — to Hartington. That will be on the main floor, and the Schroeders will be living on the second floor and in the basement.
Since the Schroeders are moving off of their farm, there were a lot of personal things that they had to auction off, as well.
Schroeder hopes to have remodeling done at the Globe by the end of the summer and to be able to move in and open the Rusty Mustang by early fall.