City Council hears pitch for solar energy here

HARTINGTON — Solar energy could potentially be an option to provide the city of Hartington power.
At Monday’s City Council meeting, a representative from GenPro Energy Solutions discussed an NPPD program that has already taken off with multiple communities in Nebraska.
The program would tie together NPPD, Solar Energy, Hartington, and a third party for financing, in most cases.
Under the plan, customers are allowed to finance their own panels, and can purchase up to 80 percent of the power their household used the previous year.
Many questions were asked, including how durable the solar panels are. They are considered to be “hail resistant,” and come with a 25-year warranty. Most panels last between 40-50 years, and they have even been degrading slower than the expected rate.
If the city did choose to do this down the road, it may mean an initial price increase for residents, but then there is reportedly a price lock where their rates are guaranteed to not go up for 25 years.

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