Area Students celebrate Arbor Day

Check out the Hartington Arbor Day Video here.

HARTINGTON — Every year, Nebraska Public Power District selects one city where they host an Arbor Day celebration.

This year Hartington was that special city, and students from both schools in grades three through six had a field trip down to the Fire Hall for the festivities.

This also celebrated Hartington being recognized for its 26th year of being a Tree City USA community.

Hartington is one of 100 Nebraska communities that are a part of Tree City USA.

NPPD showed students how to plant trees, how to check where it is safe to plant a tree, and what number to call for people to come check your property for where is best to plant a tree.

Each class had a presentation about trees, and NPPD gave out goodie bags at the end of the day to each teacher to give to their students. Overall, 155 tree saplings of Colorado Blue Spruce were given out. Over the course of 30 years these trees grow to about 35 feet tall.

After the indoor presentations, the students got to help plant six new trees around the fire hall. Each tree was different, as the hope was to add some nice color in the fall with the variety.

“The students all showed us what they have been learning in school this week, and we are glad to help them learn about proper tree planting early on,” said Ron Lammers of NPPD. “We also had someone from Forestry come speak to the kids, and while everyone else was talking about the tree from above the ground, this guy talked about the root system and how important the bottom half of the tree is. It helped show the kids why it is important to plant a tree properly by calling our number and getting the land checked out before planting.”