Sam Anderson hits two aces here

HARTINGTON — A hole in one is every golfer’s dream, but every golfer also has nightmares that they will be playing alone when that dream comes true.
For Sam Anderson, that exact scenario happened on May 24. Luckily, he followed that up with an even more impressive hole-in-one in front of 11 fellow golfers less than a month later.
One Wednesday night after women’s league finished, Anderson decided to fit in a quick round. On the third hole, though, Anderson had to take some time to record what he believed could be his first hole-in-one.
“The sun was in my face, but I saw it land on the green and it looked like it bounced toward the hole before I lost it,” said Anderson. “I called a friend and explained the situation to him as I walked down to the green, and I saw that the ball was in the hole.”
Unfortunately, that is not seen in the golf world as a hole-in-one, since Anderson did not have a witness, but it still counts to him.
“It was my first [hole-in-one] ever,” he said.
Luckily he soon got to celebrate a confirmed hole-in-one, as on June 22 during Thursday night men’s league, he hit another ace. This time it was on the sixth hole at the Hartington course, which is a par 4 hole at just over 300 yards.
Anderson admits this one felt a bit more special than his first.
“It felt different because I was by myself. I texted all of my friends, but I wasn’t really sure how I felt since I was by myself,” he said. “The second one was pretty cool, though, because the group ahead of us was on the green putting and they were all cheering for me. I didn’t know it went in until Cody Christensen tackled me to the ground.”
A hole-in-one is great, but there is an expensive tradition that goes along with an ace.
It is tradition to buy a round of drinks at the bar for everyone after hitting a hole-in-one, but Anderson is only 19 years old. Thankfully his dad, Jim, was there to buy a round for everyone, instead.
It has been an eventful summer for Anderson on the golf course this year.
He has hit his two hole in ones, and he also was witness to Matthew Schaefer tieing the Hartington Golf Course 18-hole record with a score of a 63.