Heimes is honored at L&C Tny.

WYNOT — There’s an old saying that says giving back can be its own greatest reward.
If that’s true, then it is no wonder why Kyle Heimes is always smiling.
“You just cannot look at Kyle’s big smile without smiling back at him,” said football head coach Steve Heimes. “You could be having a real bad day and he can just turn it right around with that smile.”
Last week at the Lewis and Clark Conference Tournament, Heimes was awarded the Jim Winch Service Award for his work with the school.
He assists the school athletics and activities programs where ever and when ever he can.

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Kyle didn’t go to Wynot, in fact he graduated from Hartington, but he has ingrained himself into the community. There isn’t a public function in town that he can’t be found at.

“He has been a part of our school system and community for nearly 15 years,” said girls basketball coach Steve Wieseler. “Having Kyle in our community has been wonderful. He helps and volunteers his time whenever there is anything going on. From church to little league to high school sports, he has been so valuable and active in community events.”

Kyle can be found on the sidelines at any home game, and some away games too. It isn’t just basketball either. He helps with football and anything else within the community.

“He is so deserving. A lot of people on the outside don’t understand the effect he has, not only on the athletics and activities, but just the general good feeling around Wynot,” said Steve Heimes.

Kyle is a huge motivator too, he constantly seems to bring the best out of people.

“I am the athletic director, and he is here for every home game helping greet the teams and referees,” said Steve Wieseler. “He is always out in the community promoting school activities.”

Kyle Heimes has been helping out in Wynot since before any of the coaches started, and the consensus is that he is a vital part of their team that has helped in so many intangible ways that it is hard to be described.