LCC students earn good marks

LAUREL — Students at Laurel-Concord-Coleridge School have earned good scores on Assessment tests.
The State of Nebraska has released the 2016 assessment data. Due to the exceptional progress the LCC School has witnessed since the consolidation of schools in Aug. of 2014, an Academic Pep-Rally is scheduled for Friday, December 8 at 1:15 p.m. in the new gym at the high school.
“We are very proud of the work and dedication our students and staff have done to bring this new district together,” Supt. Randall Klooz said. “The continued growth in our academic results is a testament to that.”
Trend data is a way to look at the progress the LCC School has made by comparing multiple years before and after the consolidation according to Klooz. Before the consolidation, LCC was approximately four points under the state average in Reading/English, Language Arts; the school is now over five points above the state average in this area. In Math, LCC was equal to the state average; after the consolidation the school is close to eight points above the state average. LCC School has always compared well to the state average in Science and has now expanded the gap by almost three points. The trend data for LCC is around 11 points higher than the state average since the consolidation.

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