Randolph School Board adopts its new 2017-18 budget

RANDOLPH — Randolph School Board members adopted their 2017-18 school district budget Sept. 18 with general fund real property tax required for $3,507,423.20.
Special building fund total required is $131,313.13.
Total certified valuation for all counties for the school district is $728,011,817.
In other action at the meeting, Elementary principal Mary Miller informed board members of a program the school is using with students for math and language arts.
Students can do multiple practices at school and log in at home. It can be used on iPad or chrome book, and the effort addresses an area the school is working on improving, reading scores.
Frances Heimann told of a teaching project at the school she is involving students in for a personal learning plan.
“I am teaching about pathways to choose learning such as what students need to learn to prepare for medical careers,’’ Heimann said.
Grade levels involved are juniors and seniors.
“I am teaching students to prepare a three-page paper in APA style that students will need to learn for college writing’’ Heimann said. “They are learning to write rough drafts and turning in the paper to see progress and that students are on the right track. “
The class is an elective with just over a dozen students involved.
Other concepts she said students are working on include how to collaborate with a group to solve problems.
“Students are looking up colleges online and actually applying to them. “ Hermann said. “Students are putting together portfolios to get ready for the career world. We are learning budgeting, appropriate clothing, conducting mock interviews, how to write an email and how it differs from texting. “
Amanda Reimers was at the board meeting also, and said students are learning about appropriate clothing for certain jobs.
Seventh graders learn to fill out personal learning plans. Eighth graders learn about career interest. Tenth grade attends Career day at Wayne State College.
Craig Fleming attended the board meeting and talked about the school effort to teach about industry and working on projects together as if within a business.
“We are developing business skills,” Fleming said. “We bid projects just like a business does. We have a marketing department. We build items upon request such as welding benches for Pierce Vo Ag or baseball bat racks for Verdigre and Randolph. “
Kelsey Backer of the city of Randolph talked with board members about the land north of the bus barn.
The school has paid to have the area surveyed, however, no record of ownership exists with Cedar County.
Principal Dennis Bazata said the land was railroad property at one time.
Supt. Jeff Hoesing said several people are interested in the property.
The daycare learning center update includes Scott Wattier working on heating and air conditioning.
Mark Korth donated windows for the center.
The center should be operational by the first of the year, board members were told.
School Board member Loren Haselhorst, said he wants to make sure people realize the school board is separate from the board working on the day care. These are two different entities, he said.
Half walls have been put into the center, according to Miller. This will allow supervisors to keep a close eye on the little ones in their care. The school is close to hiring a director for the center.
Bazata attended the Lewis and Clark conference and principals meeting for ESU 1. He said he attended a presentation by Tom Osborne who discussed the influence administrators have on the schools that they lead. He continued the theme with TeamMates and Osborne will appear in Randolph on Oct. 27 at 5 p.m.
Sixteen matches are involved in Teammates in Randolph.
Tornado drills and evacuation fire drills with a couple opportunities for staff to learn about and prepare for these emergencies and location lock down and lock out drills will prepare the school for possible shooters or terrorism.
Jim Scott board member requested the fire rescue squad members be involved in walk through at the building.
Bazata said the volunteers and appropriate personnel from law enforcement and others will be welcome to take part in the training efforts.
“An issue for a number of staff members at the school is putting in a ‘buzz to enter system,’” Bazata said. “Tina Nordhues. and I would be the people to try to know what to watch for if a possible assault may occur and we would be the first to be handling the situation. Look for a person who is angry and watch their hands,” he said, noting these are all actions he learned about at a recent training session.
Miller said the students are prepared and know what to do and where to go in case of such an emergency.
The Board was also told about an Oct. 8 fire safety open house. The event is planned from 11 a. m. – 2 p.m.
Miller said about a dozen to 16 students participated in breakfast in a bag at the elementary.
Hoesing also told Board members the school will be looking into purchasing a mini van.
A committee is forming to discuss educational and sport sharing with Winside.
Beef donations program for the school is being explored and Paul Schmidt said he has learned a number of things about it and more interest is being shown.