Public Notices 2.15.17

January 24, 2017
The Cedar County Commissioners met in the Boardroom of the Cedar County Courthouse at 8:30 am and the meeting was called to order as advertised, with Craig Bartels, David McGregor and Terry Pinkelman answering roll call. Also present County Clerk David Dowling. Chairman McGregor stated the open meetings laws are posted on the wall for public inspection.
Motion was made by McGregor and seconded by Bartels to approve the agenda. Motion carried with a 3 to 0 vote. Motion was made by Bartels and seconded by McGregor to approve the minutes from the last meeting. Motion carried with a 3 to 0 vote.
Dave Sudbeck told the board that he didn’t have a quorum to hold a meeting and will have to reschedule the meeting and that the applications could wait. Sudbeck presented a building permit for Morse Koch for a work shop. Motion was made by Pinkelman and seconded by McGregor to approve. Motion carried with a 3 to 0 vote. Sudbeck then presented building permit for Gary Woockman. Motion was made by Bartels and seconded by McGregor to approve permits. Motion carried with 3 to 0 vote.
Road Supt., Schmidt presented a contract from the state for Lavern Schroeder to tie out corners on highway 12 road project. The agreement was approved and signed by the chairman. Discussion was held on the upcoming one and six year road plan hearing.
Motion was made by McGregor and seconded Pinkelman to approve Special Designated Liquor License for St. Johns of Fordyce for an event Friday March 3rd with an alternate snow date of March 10th for a fish fry. Motion carried with a 3 to 0 vote.
Commissioner McGregor reported on the recent Area on Aging meeting he attended in Norfolk.
County Attorney, George Hirschbach met to go over the recent hearing on the Heimes case and presented information on the Judge’s decision.
Janet Wiechelman met with the board on LB 544 that has been introduced. The bill was reviewed with the board. Wiechelman told the board that she would keep them updated on the bill.
Form 457 from the Treasurer’s office for East and West Catholic and Cedar Catholic exemptions were reviewed and a motion was made by McGregor and seconded by Pinkelman to approve the applications as presented. Motion carried with a 3 to 0 vote
With no further business or agenda items the meeting was declared adjourned.
Board Chairman, Terry Pinkelman
County Clerk, David Dowling
Feb. 8, 2017, 7:00 P.M.
The regular monthly meeting of the Village Board of Wynot was called to order at the Wynot Town Hall on Wednesday, Feb. 8, 2017, at 7:00 p.m. by Chairperson Ron Rolfes. Notice of the meeting was posted in three (3) public places on Tues, Dec. 30, 2015, at 8 a.m., namely the Wynot Town Hall, Wynot Post Office, and the Cedar Security Bank. Roll call indicated members present: Greg Hite, Charles Jones, Ron Rolfes, Kathy Promes and Maurice Ketter. Also present were Rose Rolfes, Village Clerk/Treasurer and Dave Koch/Maintenance, Terry Pinkelman, Jan Merrill and Mandy Gear. Maurice Ketter made a motion to approve the Consent Agenda including the following: Minutes of the Jan 11 , 2017, Regular Village Board Meeting; Village of Wynot’s Treasurer’s Report for Jan. 2017; and the Claims attached hereto, Charles Jones seconded the motion. Motion Carried.
Grant for streets
Jan Merrill and Mandy Gear reports on grant application policy. They will get back to us with and survey and report on having a town meeting
Water softener
Chairman Ron Rolfes reported on his findings for a water softener to be installed in the Village office. Charles Jones made a motion to rent a water softener from Tramp/Koch. Kathy Promes seconded it. Motion carried.
Tennis Court
Discussion was held on selling the tennis court to WPS. Greg Hite will report back to the board at the next meeting.
One and Six
Motion was made by Charles Jones to accept the One and Six program set up by JEO. Maurice Ketter seconded it. Motion carried. Resolution was presented and Charles Jones made a motion to pass resolution. Greg Hite seconded it. Roll call vote was Charles Jones, aye; Maurice Ketter, aye; Kathy Promes, ave; Greg Hite, aye; Ron Rolfes, aye.
The following resolution was introduced by Charles Jones, who moved its adoption, seconded by Greg Hite.
“WHEREAS, the City Street Superintendent has prepared and presented a One Year and Six Program for the Village of Wynot, and
WHEREAS, a public meeting was held on the 8th day of February, 2017, to present this plan and there were no objections to said plan;
THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE Chairman and Village Board of Trustees of Wynot, Nebraska, that the plans and data as furnished are hereby in all things accepted and adopted.”
Upon roll call vote as follows:
Ron Rolfes – Aye
Charles Jones – Aye
Kathy Promes – Aye
Maurice Ketter – Aye
Greg Hite – Aye
Rose Rolfes, Clerk
Greg Hite made a motion to adjourn at 8:30 p.m. Maurice Ketter seconded the motion; motion carried.
Respectfully Submitted By:
Rose M. Rolfes, Village Clerk/Treasurer
Sealed bids will be received by the Cedar County Clerk until February 28, 2017 at 10:45 a.m., for supplying materials required to construct:triple 108” x 47’-0” corrugated metal pipes with steel headwalls and wingwalls and other related incidental work.The project site is located on 881 Road, between 566 Avenue and 567 Avenue, in Cedar County, Nebraska. The bids will be opened on February 28, 2017 at 11:00 a.m.
The project is referred to as “Hartington Southeast, C-14(727)” and shall include all labor, materials, transportation and equipment required to fabricate and deliver the materials necessary to construct:triple 108” x 47’-0” corrugated metal pipes on a 20 degree skew (LHB), with steel headwalls and wingwalls.
Copies of the Bid Documents and Specifications are open to public inspection at the office of the Cedar County Clerk, County Courthouse, Hartington, Nebraska 68739. A set of documents may be obtained from Mainelli Wagner & Associates, Inc. for a non-refundable fee of $15.00. (6920 Van Dorn, Suite “A” Lincoln, Nebraska68506, PH:(402-421-1717). All Bid Proposals must be submitted on the forms furnished with the Bid Documents.
The sealed bids may be mailed or delivered to the County Clerk of Cedar County, County Courthouse, P.O. Box 47, Hartington, Nebraska68739, and should be plainly marked as, “Materials Bid Proposal – Hartington Southeast, C-14(727)”
Along with its Bid Proposal, each bidder shall submit an unconditional Bid Bond or Certified Check made payable to the County Treasurer of Cedar County, Nebraska, in an amount equal to five (5) percent of the Bid Proposal.Also, each bidder is to include an estimated time of delivery for the materials with their Bid Proposal. The desired delivery date of the material is six weeks after the award of the contract. All materials shall be delivered to the project site.
Within ten (10) days following the award of the Contract, the successful bidder shall furnish a surety bond or bonds in an amount equal to or greater than the full amount of the contract.The surety and form of the bonds are subject to the acceptance by the Cedar County Board of Commissioners.
The Cedar County Board of Commissioners reserves the right to reject any and all bids or to waive any irregularities in bids received.Award of the Contract will be in accordance with the County Purchasing Act’s competitive bidding considerations as set forth in Neb.Rev.Stat. §§ 23-3110 to 23-3114, and the Cedar County Board of Commissioners will, at its discretion, award the contract on the basis of the lowest responsible bid received.Cedar County is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
Cedar County Clerk
Cedar County Commissioners are accepting bids for the sale of property located in section 23, township 32 North, Range 2 East; with physical address of 308 891 Road, Wynot; formally known as the David and Marge Foulk property. Bids will be accepted on buildings or parts of the buildings and fixtures within the buildings including fences, gates and any items on the property.
Property may be viewed by making arrangements with District One Commissioner
Sealed bids are being accepted until 5 PM February 27th in the Cedar County Clerk’s office. All inquiries should be directed to the Cedar County Clerk PO Box 47 Hartington, NE 68739 or 402-254-7411.
Cedar County Board of Commissioners
JEDON FARM, LLC (the “Company”) commenced on January 19, 2017, upon the filing of a Certificate of Organization for the Company with the Nebraska Secretary of State. The purpose of the Company is to participate in participate in the agricultural industry and engage in the care and management of dairy cattle and farming operations, and to carry out any lawful business that an organization may conduct under the Nebraska Uniform Limited Liability Company Act, Neb. Rev. Stat. §§ 21-101 to 21-197 (the “Act”). The Company shall have perpetual existence unless earlier terminated in accordance with the Act.
The initial registered agent for the Company is Kathleen M. Lammers and the address of said registered agent is 56095 878 Road, Hartington, Nebraska 68739. The address of the Company’s initial designated office is 56095 878 Road, Hartington, Nebraska 68739.
All affairs of the Company are to be conducted by its members.
Keelan Holloway, #24681
Monson & Holloway
Law Offices
108 Oak Street
Laurel, Nebraska 68745
105 W. Main Street
Hartington, Nebraska 68739
No. PR 17-13
Notice is hereby given that on Feb. 10, 2017, in the County Court of Cedar County, Nebraska, the Registrar issued a written statement of Informal Probate of the Will of said Decedent and that WILLIAM J. CHRISTENSEN, whose address is 88007 Highway 57, Hartington, NE 68739, was informally appointed by the Registrar as Personal Representative of the Estate.
Creditors of this Estate must file their claims with this Court on or before April 24, 2017, or be forever barred.
Diane L. Sudbeck
Clerk of the County Court
PO Box 695
Hartington, NE 68739
Steven L. Pier #23054
Kennedy Pier
Knoff Loftus, LLP
410 N Broadway – PO Box 867
Hartington, NE 68739-0867
(402) 254-6600