Concord-Dixon Senior Center marks 30 years

LAUREL — The Concord-Dixon Senior Center will be celebrating a very important milestone the end of September. The Center will have been open and operating for 30 years.
The Senior Center will be celebrating this milestone on Saturday, Sept. 30 from 1:30-3:30 p.m. All are welcome to come wish the center a “Happy Anniversary” during the open house.
The mission statement of the center reads “a location for senior citizens in the communities of Concord and Dixon to gather for entertainment, pot luck dinners, special speakers….” This mission statement is exactly what the center has stood for from the moment it was incorporated in 1978.

Roy Stohler stands in front of the Concord-Dixon Citizen Center

“The Concord-Dixon Senior Center is one of three centers in Northeast Nebraska that operates solely on volunteers” said Roy Stohler. Stohler is one of several active board members who helps the center to run smoothly.
Many of the activities initially offered by the center are still going strong today.
Each month the Senior Center hosts a potluck and during this time they host a monthly board meeting. The meeting may include a presentation by a guest speaker or an article a board member wants to share with the other members. This potluck has been a tradition of the center since the beginning.
The center offers monthly blood pressure checks. Rozanne Hintz, who is the treasurer, offers to do monthly checks and has helped members to identify medical needs. Blood pressure check-ups are another activity that has been a staple of the group from the beginning. In the fall, there is a flu clinic, as well.
The Senior Center, along with the Area Agency on Aging, allows for other learning and support opportunities. Twice a year, the members have the opportunity to learn more about nutrition.
Members also have access to legal services. A certified lawyer is available to meet with clients. Through the Legal Services for Disabled and Elderly, this is a free service. The lawyer comes to visit once a year to meet with members and assess individual needs.
Throughout the years, how the center has been funded has changed. In the beginning years, the center would host pancake suppers, bazaars, and craft sales.
One of the biggest fundraisers the group utilized was quilt raffles. At one point, the ladies of the center would make two or three quilts a month. These quilts would then be raffled off. Stohler said “Looking back through the minutes, I have counted at least 60 quilts made by the ladies of the Senior Center.”
The building the seniors meet in also has a rich history. The Senior Center is located south of the post office. It was erected in 1919. It was originally the telephone office, with the back section being where the family lived who worked the office. The building currently houses the Concord High School senior composites.
Through explaining why the Senior Center is so essential to the community, Stohler stated “We have records on each of the elderly members of the community, this way in case of an emergency the first-responders know who may need immediate attention.”
The Senior Center is an essential part of the Dixon-Concord area through its support and many activities offered to the senior residents of the area.