Throwback Thursday: Soccer was big here 95 years ago

HARTINGTON — These days, Hartington is known as a football town. Between the town’s two schools, Hartington has been represented in the playoffs 33 times.

But it wasn’t always that way. nearly a century ago, the community was known for its soccer — yes. soccer.

Throwback Thursday this week takes a look at the community’s successful soccer history.

Dec 7,1922

HARTINGTON — When the soccer team from the Hartington post of the American Legion defeated the Laurel Legion team at the Hartington campus last Sunday by a score of 6 to 0, they not only added another game to their string of victories, but they also clinched their claim to the championship of Northeast Nebraska. The only teams playing the games this season were in Cedar County, and Hartington has the edge on them.

The Hartington team has not lost a single game this season, although they were tied by both Coleridge and Laurel. Both of these teams were later defeated by decisive scores, giving Hartington a clear title.

Last Sunday’s game, the last of the season, was the best one played by the Hartington team this year.

They had better teamwork, a better defense, and a better eye for the goal than in any other game and the Laurel team was clearly outclassed. Two goals were made in the first half and four in the second. Hirschman, Mayes, Felber, Boynton, Samelson, and Jenny constantly threatened to score.

The Hartington defense was air-tight and only twice did Laurel come within the danger zone.

One shot that looked like a goal was cleverly blocked by Krause, who made a head-long dive at the ball and knocked it away from the goal just as it was about to go over the line.