Local couple will revitalize once popular Hartington Hotel

HARTINGTON — A local couple is making some big plans for a once popular Hartington spot.
Ben and Erin Schroeder recently purchased the Hartington Hotel and plan to renovate it.
They are still not sure how they will utilize the space. So far the ideas include possibly putting in a cafe or coffee shop, and possibly down the road an apartment/vacation spot.
“It’s very interesting,” said Schroeder. “The parties involved with building the Globe in 1901 were also party to building the hotel. There was a hotel there before called The Grand Hotel, and it burned down. Then they rebuilt this hotel in its place, and it is very interesting to see the engineering just in that 16 years. There is a lot more steel in that building than there is in the Globe, but still there is the same brick and hardwood and beautiful details. Structurally it is just amazing how much more modern it is than the Globe.”
The upper floors do not have a timeline, but Schroeder wants to have the main floor done by May 1. Ideally, the upper floors would be worked on right after the main floors.
“My hope is that we can do it as a comprehensive project, top to bottom, ready to go.”
Right now she is still dealing with getting the building up to code, and has had the fire marshal, electricians and others visit so they can get moving on the bigger tasks.
The building may be available for grants, since it is on the National Register of Historic Places. The Hartington Hotel was added to the registry in 2003, she said.
“That is something very important. We are really trying to focus on what we can do with that building that not only will service the people that live here, but also their friends and relatives that come to visit. Also, we hope to make it a destination location where people come specifically to find Hartington and shop at our stores, eat our food and everything.”
Schroeder hopes to get the upstairs finished soon after the main floor so that it can help draw interest to the town.
The Schroeder’s currently live above the Globe, and they hope to promote doing something like that with the Hotel.
“We love living above the Globe and having that downtown lifestyle, and really felt that was something we could help promote,” she said.
The winter will force a lot of the work inside the hotel, but Schroeder hopes to have the main floor done by the Spring so people in the community can begin to enjoy the Hartington Hotel again.