Hotel is set to rise from the ashes

Erin, Charlie, Chase and Ben Schroeder have started working to remove some of the old rotted wood and fixtures in the old coffee shop portion of the Hartington Hotel. The Schroeders, who just completed remodeling the Globe, recently purchased the building, which has sat vacant since 1995.

HARTINGTON — It has been a busy year for Ben and Erin Schroeder.
The two bought the historic Globe Clothing building earlier this year and have spent much of the past six months renovating it.
Now they have a new project — the Hartington Hotel.
Erin Schroeder is someone who is self-described as a person that “doesn’t like to let the grass grow beneath my feet,” and she told her realtor from another property, Tim Kuchta, to keep the couple in mind if he has any more projects.
Well a few weeks ago, Schroeder was in filling out some paperwork, and the conversation with Kuchta fell on the Hartington Hotel.
Erin and Ben jumped on it instantly. A week later the paperwork was being filed, and the couple, along with their two sons, were beginning their next project.
“I actually went down to get some other paperwork and it just sort of came up,” she said. “It was very unscripted and unplanned. I think it was just the right time for everybody.”

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