100 Years Ago: Hospital love story

Feb. 14, 1907

HARTINGTON — When Bennett G. Willis of Hartington lost his right leg in a railroad accident six years ago, Miss Maud Ray nursed him in a Sioux City hospital.
While the patient was convalescing, cupid got involved and before he left the hospital, he had Miss Ray’s promise to become his wife.
Miss Ray returned to her Omaha home and Willis began studying medicine at Creighton College. When Dr. Willis graduated last year, he promised his sweetheart that they would be married just as soon as he built up a practice.
This, he quickly did at Hartington. So, they were married on Wednesday.
The Rev. Newton Burdick performed the ceremony. T.R. Willis, a brother of the groom, was best man and Miss Nellie Ray, a sister of the bride, was the bridesmaid.
After the ceremony, a wedding dinner was served and Dr. and Mrs. Willis then left for Hartington. Dr. and Mrs. Willis arrived here Thursday evening and now occupy rooms in the Lubely block.