100 years ago: Hartington mourns Mayor Walz’s death

March 1, 1917

HARTINGTON — This community has again been called upon to mourn the death of a prominent and highly esteemed citizen, Mayor Anton Walz, who passed away at his home Sunday morning at a early hour, after several weeks of illness.

The Mayor was taken sick with the grip a number of weeks ago and although every effort was made to save his life. Serious complications set in which finally resulted in his death.

For the past several days he had been in critical condition, and the reports that came from the sick room gave his numerous friends in this city little hope.

While the death of Mayor Walz was not at all unexpected, and in fact had been momentarily anticipated for some days, the news of his passing was a great shock to the entire community, and it is safe to say that never before in the history of Hartington has the city been so profoundly moved as when it heard that its much beloved executive was dead.

Never before has this community been swept by such a wave of sorrow, and never before has there been such a universal and spontaneous outburst of grief as that which greeted the sad announcement. It was one of those great moments in life when men’s hearts are laid bare and where one could read in unmistakable characters the love and the esteem in which the Mayor had been held.

Mayor Anton Walz’s funeral was held Tuesday morning at Holy Trinity Catholic Church, and was one of the largest funerals which has ever been held in the county.

Every business house in Hartington was closed during the funeral and for an hour or more the business of the community was entirely suspended while our citizens turned out en masse to honor the memory of Mayor Anton Walz.

The public schools were dismissed. The Courthouse flag was also half-masted.   

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