St. Helena ready to throw annual Fourth of July party

St. Helena  —  “It’s that time of the year,” is an expression the villagers of St. Helena know well during this point of the summer.
The Fourth of July is a holiday of traditions, one where neighborhood blocks get together to grill hamburgers and light fireworks to celebrate America’s independence day.
For St. Helena, it’s that time of the year for everyone to start preparing for their 80th annual village Fourth of July celebration, one which rivals some county fairs in terms of attendance.
According to St. Helena Social Club member Ron Wieseler, the village’s general population of around 94 people swells to around 500-800 people on the Fourth of July.
Wieseler said it’s harder to gauge what kind of crowd to expect this year, since the day lies on a Tuesday.
“It’s kind of tough, since people won’t really have enough time to travel and most people who come have family here or live around the area,” Wieseler said.
The fun begins at 8 a.

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