Local family business is still going strong after 85 years

HARTINGTON —   A lot has changed in the welding business in the last 85 years.
Wiechelman Repair, in Hartington, has undergone a lot of changes in the last 85 years. The one-man blacksmith shop that started up during the 1930s has advanced to a state-of-art industrial facility with eight employees.
Jon Wiechelman, current owner of the business, has a lot of knowledge of the family business that started out with traditional blacksmithing, such as horseshoeing and working with a forge. A big stove was used to heat up large pieces of metal in order to make them pliable.
Jon, who made the decision to take over when his father became ill in 1983, could see a need for a change if the business was going to keep up.
With technology changing and the equipment getting bigger, Jon made the decision to build a new building on the same spot the old shop had been on since the early 1930s.
A larger, more advanced shop went up in 1984.

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