HNS Board agrees to upgrade security system

HARTINGTON — Hartington-Newcastle School Board members approved a plan Monday to improve student safety.
The Board voted to install a secure entrance at both the Hartington and Newcastle sites, and an additional surveillance camera at Hartington. The equipment and installation for the Hartington system will cost $11,260.
With this system, all doors to the school will now be locked and entrance can only be granted by the main office or by the use of a staff key card or key fob.
Visitors to both the elementary and high school must come in through the main doors by the office. A buzzer and camera system will be used to grant access. Cedar Catholic and Holy Trinity schools installed similar systems a few years ago.
Supt. Johnson said it is sad such a system is necessary at a school.
“Unfortunately, this is where we are headed because of school safety issues in today’s world,” he said. “I wish we lived in a world where this wasn’t needed, but that’s not the case these days.”
This plan allows four entrances where a card reader or key fob can be used allowing staff members to come in on their own.

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