Flu bug tears through local schools

HARTINGTON — The hallways at Hartington-Newcastle Schools are a little more full this week.
School administrators were forced last Friday to cancel several activities due to an outbreak of the flu going through the local school.
Since Tuesday of last week, Hartington-Newcastle has seen 25 or more absences a day from their 7-12 grade students, because of the Influenza A bug.
Supt. A.J. Johnson said in the 20 years he’s been at the school, he’s never seen the flu hit so many students at one time.
“Last week was the worst I’ve ever seen it since I’ve been here,” Johnson said.
The HNS sports teams were so sick, the game against Wynot Friday night had to be canceled out of concern of spreading it to another school.
“We started to get a few kids the week before, but last week it was rampant,” Johnson said. “I think if we could just learn to keep our kids home when they’re sick, it wouldn’t run through the schools the way it has been.”

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