Dunn creates wooden horse to welcome visitors to his home

Greg Dunn, Coleridge, made this wooden horse to place in front of his house harnessed to this cart.

COLERIDGE — A buckskin horse standing along a resident’s driveway in Coleridge has been getting a lot of attention.
The life-size wooden horse, that measures close to 74 in. to the top of its ear, is the creation of Coleridge resident Greg Dunn.
Constructing a life-size horse had just seemed like the obvious thing to do for Dunn, who has a history of working with wood.
“I had the cart and I thought I needed a horse. I couldn’t find anything I really liked,” Dunn said.
The cart to which the horse is now harnessed  had been sitting outside toward the back of Dunn’s residence.
“Someone saw it and they told me I needed a horse for my cart,” Dunn said. “So I built one.”
Several friends stepped in and helped Dunn with the construction of the life-size horse.
Dunn had originally got the cart from Cammie Metheny who had found it in a barn. Dunn liked the horse and had traded it for some labor he was doing for Metheny.

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