Throwback Thursday – The Wild Missouri

July 5, 1922

HARTINGTON —  For once in its life, the Missouri River is living up to expectations  at the present time, although nobody knows just what to expect from it.

The stream is well up as a result of the rise, the gauge hovering around the nine foot mark, with higher levels expected at any time.

Just now the stream is filled with all sorts of rubbish, and in its freakish way, it is having a lot of fun with all the stuff that it is carrying.

The big piers for the Meridian Highway Bridge offer all sorts of opportunities for doing crazy things and so far the river hasn’t failed to take advantage of any of them.

Some weeks ago the stream started to build a log dam between the first and second piers of the bridge and this structure has been growing very rapidly of late. The dam furnishes a great feeding place for  birds, as many of the logs are covered with insects. The only danger to the feathered scavengers, being that they might accidently land in a watery grave if they don’t watch their step.

Brush and other debris is being piled up against the other piers of the bridge, and as the river is carrying so much drift these piles are being added to constantly. All the material being piled against the piers has a tendency to make the water level on the upstream side  of the bridge higher than on down stream side, the difference in some  places amounting to two feet or more.

Skipper Joe Giesler of the good ship BA Douglas is having lots of fun with his trips across the river these days. He is compelled to go about three miles, and with the strong current, high water and floating drift, it’s no joy ride. In fact, he believes that the recent excursion of the Leviathan hasn’t a durned thing on some of his trips.