Throwback Thursday – 1957: School redistricting is hot topic

April 18, 1957

HARTINGTON — Redistricting problems and plans were discussed at the regular dinner meeting of the Hartington Chamber of Commerce in the Cedar Café here Monday night.

County Superintendent of Schools Velna Weir and members of the County Redistricting Committee were guests of the chamber.

Lawrence Rossiter, chairman of the chamber public relations committee, introduced Mrs. Weir. 

Mrs. Weir explained the history of redistricting in the state and county.

“In 1949 there were 115 school districts in Cedar county,” she stated.  “In 1954 there were 101 and there are 93 now.  The push behind redistricting in the state and county is that some people feel that children are not getting enough out of their schools.”

Mrs. Weir presented several maps drawn up by the committee showing proposed school districts in the county. The committee is working on a map of school reorganization to present to the state redistricting committee.

The subject of transporting pupils to larger schools was discussed.

“It would cost about 20 cents a mile or less to run a bus,” Mrs. Weir said. “At the Obert-Maskell school it is 18 cents a mile and at Allen it costs about 16 cents a mile.”

Members of the redistricting committee spoke briefly on the situation in their areas.

Members of the county committee who attended were Mrs. Joy Smith and Martin Bottolfsen of Hartington; Mrs. Frederick Sherer, Hollis Holcomb and Ernest Hartung of Coleridge; Orville Dowling of Randolph and Verner Wickett and Roy Dickey of Laurel.