Randolph School Board makes insurance change

RANDOLPH— School board members decided to become insured with ALICAP Nov. 20.
Board member Jim Scott made the motion to accept the insurance proposal from ALICAP as the preferred insurance carrier with a second from , board member Lisa Linville.
Two insurance carriers worked with the school to put together proposals that came in several thousand dollars apart, according to Supt. Jeff Hoesing.
Scott had inquired about the bidding process for insurance earlier before the insurance proposal process was set in motion.
The school’s previous premium was $58,000 with EMC Insurance Companies. The two current bids are $37,537 from EMC and $35,541 from ALICAP for a three-year commitment from the school. The coverage will be from Feb. 10, 2018 to Sept. 1, 2018.
ALICAP promises broader coverage with higher limits and fewer deductibles, according to literature distributed to board members.
Hoesing said ALICAP insurance covered the school projects in Pilger due to the tornado. School officials in Pilger indicated positive results with their company.
ALICAP is owned by more than 180 Nebraska Schools and offers broad school specific coverage. Every school district is covered by the same liability limits and deductibles regardless of size.
ALICAP finances risk based on a common policy document available on their website.
ALICAP’s proposal included $35,541 for property coverage, including inland marine, general liability, automobiles, umbrella, E&O, Public Employee Dishonesty, crime and work comp.
Pro-Rate contribution is $19,761 for the school. ALICAP would have a $500 property deductible.
EMC Insurance Companies listed their proposal to include $15,926 for property coverage and contents; $826 for inland marine with $7,500 extra expense income coverage and a $250 deductible for electronic data processing with $500 deductible for peril that is mechanical breakdown, electrical disturbance, and power supply disturbance; $1,532 for commercial general liability; $4,449 for automobile; $2,699 for umbrella; boiler and machinery included; $10,417 for worker’s compensation, $434 for crime and bond coverages, school board legal liability for $1,354.
Board members acknowledged a grant matching project at the high school for $1,050 for a project students will be using that uses an oven to bake on a powder coating.
Hoesing said the depreciation fund is at $65,000 with a $51,000 expenditure coming out for the last of the boiler project receipts. This will leave approximately $13,000 to $14,000 in the fund.
“We don’t anticipate anything else that may have to come out,’’ Hoesing said. “The Building Fund is at $93,000.’’
School board members accepted the school’s audit.
“Red Ribbon Week included a visit from a professional drug enforcement canine at school. Students were excited about the visit,’’ Elementary Principal Mary Miller said.
Miller said staff members have been involved in review for intervention trainings at Wayne State College.
The school had a lock-down training on Nov. 17. Miller and Dennis Bazata, High School Prinicipal, gave favorable reviews of the training.
Paul Schmit reported on a beef to schools meeting with approximately a half dozen to eight people attending.
“It appears it is not going to be hard to keep this program going,’’ Schmit said.
The school is planning some promotional events for the program, according to Hoesing. He said details will be included in the newspaper.
Hoesing and Miller attended an early childhood conference. The conference included information on children exposed to constant stress and the effects that follow them throughout life, according to Hoesing. More parent training was emphasized.
Lisa Linville said a presentation she attended on SnapChat should be seen by more parents.
“If I had a 12-year-old daughter, I would be shocked and be very concerned,’’ Linville said. “Mothers found that their children can be monitored by those they friend online. Photos online are housed there forever. Experienced law enforcement can retrieve them from phones.’’
Board members agreed about a need to have a presentation locally on these issues.