Auditorium renovation plans see changes

RANDOLPH — Board members were given an update on the renovation project for the City Auditorium during the Randolph City Council meeting on Oct. 4th.
Larry Janssen, Chairman of the Committee for the Auditorium Renovation, told board members some changes are being made to the plans that were originally underway.
Committee members had found out, if an addition is made to the auditorium a sprinkler system would have to be added to the entire auditorium building according to Janssen.
“It has to include the whole building. An estimate on the total cost could run close to $150,000,” Janssen said. “If we don’t put an addition on to the auditorium then a sprinkler system would not have to be put in.”
The renovation project no longer includes an addition.
The project does include the addition of a new sound system. The bathrooms will be remodeled and heat will be added. New lighting and ceiling fans will be installed. The kitchen will not need a lot of work. The kitchen will receive a new coat of paint, new counter tops will be put in and there is the possibility of having the cupboards replaced with shelves.
“We want to start asking for bids on the project in December and get started with the work by January,” Janssen said. “I want to have local businesses do as much of the work as possible.”
A Committee for the renovation of the Auditorium has been involved in fundraising for the project and are hoping to raise close to $150,000
“We are right on pace with fundraising but I want to keep moving ahead with this,” Janssen said.
Janssen was happy to announce that a recent fund raiser had been very successful.
Gary Van Meter, Community Economic Development Director, has been checking on possible grants that could be available for the renovation project.
“It has been difficult finding anything due to Randolph being in the floodplain,” he said.