Randolph Mayor arrested

UPDATE:HARTINGTON — Randolph Mayor Dwayne Schutt was expected to be in Cedar County Court Wednesday morning on sexual assault charges.
Schutt was arrested Thursday on three felony charges of sexual assault of a child and a felony child abuse charge.
The arrest warrant was signed by Judge Douglas Luebe and filed in Cedar County Court.
Cedar County Attorney George Hirschbach has asked the State Attorney General’s Office to prosecute the case. Hirschbach said he asked the State to step in, saying  since Schutt is an elected official, he felt there could be a conflict of interest if he were involved in the case.
Schutt, 61, was arrested July 27 in Randolph and transported to the Cedar County Jail. Bond was set at $125,000. Ten percent, or $12,500, was paid and Schutt was released July 28 from the Cedar County Jail.
The sexual assaults are alleged to have occurred over a three-year period, according to information in the court documents.
The alleged sexual contacts with a minor, who was 14 years of age and younger, occurred between the dates of August 2011 and May 2013.
Court documents describe alleged inappropriate contact between Schutt and a minor at the time, including details shared in a phone recording and text messages that describe inappropriate touching.
According to records filed in Cedar County Court, a search warrant to obtain phone data from Verizon Wireless, which included text messages, had been granted during the investigation, which was made by Cedar County Deputy Samuel Vacha.
Conditions of the bond include abstaining from the use of all alcoholic drinks and no contact with the alleged victim, including phone contact.
Schutt is being represented by Ronald Temple, Norfolk.