Pony Express mural brings PO to life

LAUREL — Area residents are benefitting from a local resident’s dream.

For a long time, Postmaster Jan Anderson looked at the east wall of the Post Office as a canvas where she could create a mural that would honor the Postal Service.

Her sister, Rae Brown, had done large-scale projects in the past, such as a 20’x12’ mural of a locomotive on a building in Wakefield, and a life-size whale with her fourth grade students in Pender.

Several ideas came to Anderson as she visualized the possibilities.

She wanted something that would reflect the history of the Postal Service as well being easily recognized.

The Pony Express rider seemed to be perfect.

“I wanted one that depicted speed,” said Anderson. And, while searching the internet, she realized there were literally thousand of images of riders available, so it took a while to find just the right one.

Once she had chosen the image, she approached the owners of the building, Jim and Marcia Lipp. They liked the sound of the project and agreed to paint the wall a pale gold color.

From there, Anderson and Brown outlined a silhouette of the horse and rider, along with the famous wording, Pony Express. They stood on scaffolding to paint the image. A few tense moments occurred when a ladder had to be placed on the scaffolding to reach the hat of the rider, some 28 feet high. The majority of the work was done at night using an overhead projector and black, glossy paint. The Postmaster was grateful for the help she received from other postal employees and friends, sometimes working until midnight.

She also painted around the edges of the east door to resemble a postage stamp.

Anderson has heard many positive comments from her customers. She is pleased that the project has been so well received.

“I am happy to be the Postmaster in Laurel and like providing a service for the people here. I hope the mural will stand as a historical tribute to the past and provide something new for the Q-125 celebration.”