McKillip will end 40-year law enforcement career

LAUREL — Law Enforcement Officer Katherine McKillip will no longer be helping out with law enforcement in Laurel.
McKillip will be resigning as a part-time police officer at the end of November, according to Laurel Police Chief Ron Lundahl.
“She gave us two really good years. I appreciate her service to the citizens of the city,” Lundahl said. “She had a 40-year career in law enforcement.”
Lundahl presented the resignation to council members.
Two Cedar County deputies have agreed to cover the part-time law enforcement duties for the City of Laurel.
“They are full-time deputies with the Cedar County Sheriff’s Dept. Samuel Vacha lives in Laurel and Travis Schultz lives in Hartington,” Lundahl said. “They are both good deputies.”
The starting dates for the officers would officially be Dec. 1—the day after McKillip resigns.
“This will be 20 hours per week. The two officers will divide the hours,” Lundahl said. “It will be no different than now. Wages would be the same as what McKillip had been receiving.”
Council members agreed to accept McKillip’s resignation and discussed their options for filling the vacancy for a part-time police officer.
Mayor Mark Patefied asked Lundahl for his opinion.
“I have no concerns with the deputies. I have known them since they finished law enforcement school. Deputy Vacha is a good officer. He lives across from the school. Deputy Schultz is also very good. I respect both of them,” Lundahl said. “If you approve hiring the two men, I will go over what is expected of them for our jurisdiction.”
Patefield was in agreement with hiring the two county deputies.
“I had previously talked to Mark McCoy about this,” Patefield said. “I trust them also.”
Board members gave their authorization on hiring the two deputies as part-time officers for the City of Laurel.
Lundahl presented the monthly report and told council members he would be completing some continuing education classes in the next few weeks.
“Some really good classes, which I will be doing, are coming up next month,” he said.
The Laurel Police Report for October included one theft, two disturbances, three suspicious people, four animal complaints, a traffic complaint and two citizen complaints. Officers provided one motorist assist, one ambulance assist, five outside assists and found two open doors on a business. Two-hundred and ten building checks were done during October.
Three parking tickets, two fix-it tickets and seven warnings were issued.
Seventeen hours were spent monitoring school traffic.