LCC School Board agrees to allow drug dogs at school

LAUREL — Drug dogs may soon be sniffing around at the Laurel-Concord-Coleridge School.
Supt. Randall Klooz had made contact with the Nebraska State Patrol and asked to have LCC School be included in the group of schools that officers random visits with drug dogs.
“We don’t think there is a problem, but if there is we want to keep it out of our school,” Klooz said. “From time to time the State Patrol will come and do a walk-through with the dogs. I have agreed they can have control if they find something.”
The dogs will come inside the school for now but the parking lot may be included at a later date, he said.
“We have been having these questions for a while. It just takes a while to get this going,” Klooz said.
Also Monday the School Board was informed that enrollment numbers for the Laurel-Concord-Coleridge Schools look good.
The 2017-18 enrollment for K – 12 is 440 compared to the enrollment of 423 for 2016-17.
The numbers qualify LCC School for eight-man football, according to the Nebraska School Activity Association.
“The LCC team is eligible for playoffs,” Klooz said.
Safety procedures for the school crossings on Hwy. 15 and Hwy. 20 were also discussed Monday.
Klooz talked to board members about other options that could be considered, which involve using a school bus. A bus could be used to haul kids from the crossing to the school or a school bus could be parked at the crossing.
No action was taken but options will still be looked at.
It is also good to keep reminding the kids to stay away from the curb, he said.
“The kids need to make sure the cars come to a stop first, before they go across the highway,” Klooz said.
Action was taken on hiring classified staff.
Chelsey Schmit was hired as the para for elementary Special Ed. Mandi Swanson will be replacing Melissa Campbell as the para for Pre-kindergarten.
Campbell is leaving to take on a new position as the director of the Cardinal Kids Learning Center in Randolph.
In other action Monday, Betty Jo Leapley was appointed as the delegate assembly representative for the Nebraska Association School Board.
Board members discussed a Preventive Maintenance Service Agreement Renewal with Rasmussen Services.
Rasmussen Services will provide the labor and materials to perform preventive maintenance two times per year.
“I think we should just do a one-year contract for right now,” Klooz said. “It will give us an opportunity to see if this is what we want. I think that would be prudent.”
Board members placed their approval on a year contract in the amount of $8,462 for schools at both locations.
Bids from two local businesses, Schmitt Construction and Detlefsen Construction, were opened on snow removal for the LCC School at the Laurel site.
“We have had both do the snow removal before. They have both treated us well,” Klooz said.
The bids had been done differently and were hard to compare.
Board members tabled taking any action due to needing more information on the bid amounts.
Snow removal will be addressed at the November meeting.