Helping out a neighbor

COLERIDGE — In the wake of the unexpected death of Dennis Brodersen, neighbors came together to complete his corn harvest on a breezy, cool but sunny day last week.
Nearly 50 people assisted in the process, which took most of a day.
Approximately 350 acres of corn were harvested by seven combines, with the assistance of 18 trucks and 10 grain carts.
The operation was coordinated by Ron Brodersen and Boyd Ebberson.
Those who provided combines were Larry Domina, Randy Patefield, David Hansen, Boyd Ebberson, Gary and Cindy Graham, Jon Milander and Jim and Lucas Miller.
Food was prepared and distributed by Kathy Brummels, Val Ebberson, Joan (Ron) Brodersen, Joan (Bruce) Brodersen, Tammy Brodersen and LeRoy Brown, who came up from Oxford. The remaining participants hauled corn or managed the disposition of the corn.
Others who participated or provided equipment were: Evan Brodersen, Alex Brodersen, Bob Brummels, Brandon Ebberson, Bruce Brodersen, Burnell Stone, Chuck Meirose, Craig Ebberson, Curtis Brodersen, Darin Lubberstedt, Dave Dendinger, Garret Graham, Gary Graham, Jace Gubbels, Jay Hall, Jeff Wolfe, Jeremy Hall, Jim Miller, Jim Specht, Joseph Alcorn, Kelly Burbach, Larry Walla, Lucas Miller, Marcell Arens, Marcus Pappenhausen, Monte Hefner, Nick Schmitt, Rick Faulk, Ron Jorgensen, Ron Lauer, Ron Olsen, Steve Krueger, Terry Wilkerson and Travis Wright.