Area family collects blue ribbons

HARTINGTON — A talent involving winning blue ribbons at the Cedar County Fair has been passed down through three generations in a family that has a love for baking.

For the third straight year, Beth Fiscus, Coleridge, has earned the Else Dirks Award for earning the most blue ribbons at the Cedar County Fair.

She took home a Championship ribbon with the Icebox Cinnamon Roll Cookies she entered in the open class exhibits at the 2017 Fair. The Ranger Cookies she had baked earned the Reserve Champion ribbon.

Two sons of Beth and Brandon Fiscus also have a talent for baking cookies.

Ten-year old Christian Fiscus won the Champion purple rosette ribbon for the Macaroon Cookies he had entered in the open class. His brother Levi, who is seven, received the Reserve Champion rosette ribbon for cookies he had baked.

Beth’s mother, Violet Pinkelman, from the St. James area, also had exhibits at the Fair this year,

The two ladies have won lots of blue ribbons and awards at the Cedar County Fair through the years.

An Else Dirks Memorial Blue Ribbon Award has been given to the individual who has earned the largest number of blue ribbons in open class at the Cedar County Fair each year since 2000.

The first year the award was given, Violet Pinkelman had received the largest number of blue ribbons for her exhibits at the Fair.

The names of all the winners are imprinted on the Else Dirks Memorial plaque which is on display in the Open Class building on the fairgrounds.

Violet Pinkelman’s name, which is the first name on the plaque, is followed by her daughter Beth Fiscus’ name  five years later for the year of 2015 and again in 2016.

The winner for 2017 was announced at the Fair Appreciation Supper and included Beth Fiscus’ name again.

Beth’s brother, Tim Pinkelman, also is listed on the Else Dirks Memorial Blue Ribbon Award plaque for the year he won the most blue ribbons in open class.

Violet does a lot of gardening, canning and baking. Her exhibits in open class have won several Champion and Reserve Champion ribbons through the years.

“She makes a lot of things from scratch,” her daughter Beth said.    

Beth and Violet had a good teacher.

Beth’s grandmother, Agnes Kurthzhals, lived on a farm east of Coleridge and always had a huge garden and did a lot of baking.