All I Want for Christmas is……..

HARTINGTON — Area school children recently underwent one of the annual rites of the Christmas season, writing their Christmas letter to Santa.

Every year Santa receives more letters than previous years from children around the world. He finds it is quite a time-saver to have the letters sent to the local newspaper. Santa told the News last week that by having letters published in the newspaper his job, and that of his elves, is made much easier.

“The elves don’t have to open all of those bags of mail and sort them out,” he said.

The Cedar County News invited the elementary students from Hartington-Newcastle, Holy Trinity, East and West Catholic and Wynot Public schools, to send their letters to the News this year.

Some of the students have simple requests, others are a little more complicated, some children even included their cell phone numbers and addresses. But since Santa knows all of the phone numbers and addresses by heart, he requested we not print them here.

All of the letters are written from the heart and enjoyable to read, and we would like to share them with you.

This is one of the most well read sections of the year. Check out the Cedar County News e edition for all the letters.

Check out the Cedar County News E Edition for the complete story. Just follow this link to get our E Edition.