Utility bills to see changes

HARTINGTON — The Hartington City Council Monday voted to add a new monthly fee to water bills and to begin billing for all city utilities on a monthly basis.

The switch from quarterly to monthly billing will take effect beginning in September. A new $3 a month fee will also be added to water bills at that time. The rates will not see any other increases, however, said City Attorney Steve Pier.

Pier met with Mayor Brad Peitz and Council President Gary Kruse last Friday to iron out the details of the Ordinance and Resolution.

The new ordinance changes water, sewer and garbage rates to a monthly basis and eliminates specific rates. Instead, the rates will be established by a Resolution, making them easier to be updated, Pier said.

“The old rate schedule was based on a quarterly billing, so the rates had to be completely recalculated,” Pier said. “Charges are now based on gallon usage and not cubic feet.”

The sewer rate schedule and garbage rate schedule did not change, Pier said. They were just recalculated to a monthly schedule

The changes are a direct result of the newly installed digital-read water meter system.