LCC Bd. approves new gym floor

LAUREL — Laurel-Concord-Coleridge School Board members took action on the purchase of a school bus and replacing a gym floor and  enrolled in a language learning software package during the Dec. 12 meeting.

A softball co-op with another school was also discussed.

Board member Steve Schutte had been approached about a possible softball co-op with the Ponca School and Supt. Randall Klooz had spoken to a member of the administrative staff at Ponca.

“I received a phone call from someone in Ponca and they asked if we would like to work with them with softball,” Schutte said. “I know we have some girls that would love to play softball. If the school is going to have softball we would have to do a co-op.”

The Ponca School is talking about doing something with a softball co-op according to Klooz.

“They have talked to another school,” Klooz said. “If we do softball then you have to consider that some of the school’s other activities will loose some of their participants.”

Board members took time to look at two options before they made the decision to purchase a 72 passenger school bus.

The price for a 53 passenger bus was at just over $88,000 while the price for the 72 passenger bus was $90,912.

According to Klooz, this would be the last bus needing to be updated for a little while.

School board member Steve Schutte questioned whether there would be problems on country roads with the bigger bus.

“There are no problems now with the bigger bus on county roads,” Klooz said.

The larger bus could be a big savings according to school board member Jay Hall.

“The bigger bus could save the cost of having two buses make the trip,” Hall said.

Hall also brought up the option of seatbelts placed in the bus.

“I talked to someone at the State School Board Convention about seat belts. It is not mandatory right now but it could be down the road,” Hall said. “There is an issue when a school has one bus with seat belts while other buses do not have seat belts. You would also have to look at options of having either a two person seat belt or a seat belt for three persons.”

Board members voted to move ahead with the project for replacing the gym floor at the Middle School located in Coleridge.

The attorneys have reviewed and approved the contract amount for the work that will be done according to Klooz.

The contract amount is set at $73,198.

The same emblem that is on the gym floor at the L-C-C School in Laurel will be placed on the new gym floor at the Middle School although a bulldog will be in the middle of the emblem in place of a bear.

School board members will make the final decision on the design for the bulldog.

Students at the LCC Middle School will continue to use the Rosetta Stone software program to learn Spanish.

Board members voted to approve a two year enrollment at a cost of $11,600 in order to receive a discount.

The two year enrollment will save over $6,000.

The language learning program is an on-line course and a teacher is in the classroom with the students according to Klooz.

Tim Vanderheiden, Middle School Principal, has been in the classroom when the program was being used and was impressed.

“I have watched the kids while they are on their computers. The kids are really getting involved with it. They are really doing well. Students with some learning problems have been doing very well with it,” Vanderheiden said. “This is the same program the FBI uses for training some of their people.”

The students are also learning about the culture of the country.

“Unless you want to hire a part-time Spanish teacher – I don’t know why you would not want to do this,” Klooz said.

Board members voted to take action to enter an exclusive contract with Coca-Cola during the meeting on Monday evening, Dec 12th.

Only Coca-Cola products will be available at school activities. The L-C-C School will receive $11,500 for entering the six-year contract and $1,250 each year after the first year. This option had been discussed at previous school board meetings.