Appreciation shown for departing LCC Bd. members

LAUREL — Administrative contracts for the Superintendent and three Principals were approved; a thank you was issued to board members going off the school board and new school board members were welcomed during the Dec. 12 Laurel-Concord-Coleridge School board meeting.

LCC School Board President Jeff Hall thanked the departing board members for all of the time they put in, serving the school district.

Brian Holcomb had been elected to the Coleridge Community school board in 1999 and has served four terms.

“It was a great experience. The coolest thing we did was bringing these two school districts together,” Holcomb said. “There were some problems but we got it done. Things are going very well.”

Marlin Papenhausen was appointed to finish out a two-year term on the Coleridge School board in January 2007. He was then elected to a four-year term which began in 2009 and second four-year term which started in 2013.

Rich Brandow put in 12 years on the school board. He was right in the midst of the difficulties involved in merging two school districts and he was never afraid to say what was on his mind, even if others disagreed. Brandow had the unique ability to be able to say what he thought during a disagreement but never became angry or held a grudge with anyone.

“The hardest thing we did as members of the school board was working through the consolidation process. It was also one of the best things,” Brandow said. “It is kind of like a race; there is a lot pain but when you get to the end it was worth it.”

It was quite a haul but it has worked out well, he said.

Three newly elected L-C-C School board members sat in on the Dec. 12 meeting.

Samuel Recob, Tyler Specht and Dustin Thompson will each serve a four-year term starting in January 2017.

During the Dec. 12 meeting, school board members made the decision to extend the current contract for Supt. Randall Klooz for an additional year after coming out of executive session, where they had discussed the evaluation that had been done.

Klooz’s contract was extended and will now end in 2019.

Board members also approved contracts for High School Principal Jay Vance, Elementary Principal Heath Johnson and for Middle School Principal Tim Vanderheiden.

The contracts are offered in December; the administrative staff has until March to accept the contracts.

School Board member Steve Schutte questioned why the contracts for principals are not offered and approved at the same time as the teacher’s contracts.

“If at some point there would ever be a cut in pay – I think they should all be done at the same time and it would affect all of the staff,” he said.

Elementary Principal Heath Johnson talked to board members about changes that will be made in the gym.

Banners that are hanging from the rafters on north side of gym will be attached to the wall.

“They aren’t being removed; it will just make room to hang some other banners,” he said.

Johnson was excited about the response that had been received for the Elementary Giving Tree.

It is impressive to see all the gifts that will be provided for kids that may not receive a Christmas gift, he said.