A time to give thanks

HARTINGTON  —   As area residents look back at the year gone by and look forward to the approaching new year, many reflect on thier lives and count their many blessings.

Kim Emanuel thought about things to be thankful for as she looked over the past year.

“Some obvious things come to mind,” she said. “the endless love of my family and friends, my health and happiness, my home and food on our table.”

This year Emanuel is also thankful for “change”.

“Without change my kids would not have gone off to college and begun their exciting journey into adulthood. Without change I could not have become the new Children’s Librarian – I love my job. Without change my garden would have never grown empty and my Christmas tree would have never gone up. And without the changing weather, not only would the lawn mower never be put away and my snow shovel never come out, I would have to find a new topic for small talk,” she said. “Change is sometimes hard but I am thankful for it and all it has given me this past year.”

Patsy Thoene’s list of things to be thankful for includes family, friends and good health.

Thoene was looking forward to having her son come home for the Holidays.

“Nick lives in Tennessee and he hasn’t been home since last Christmas,” Thoene said.

It is easy to overlook all of the good things we have, said Dave McGregor.

“I am thankful for good health and family and for still being able to get up and go to work each day,” he said. “We complain about a lot of things but we have lot of things we should be thankful for each day.”

Duane Schutt, who serves as the Randolph Mayor, was thinking about others and wanted them to have a happy holiday.

“I am thankful for everyone’s good health. My wish is for everyone to be safe during the holidays,” Schutt said.

Mariyah Bermel, a teenager who lives south of Randolph, appreciates the opportunity her parents gave her to attend a private school.

“I am thankful for my family,” she said. “I am especially thankful for my parents for sending me to Cedar Catholic. It is quite a jaunt to drive every day for me and my three younger brothers.”

Mariyah is a junior this year.

Jerry Wiese is thankful for the opportunity he had to serve the people in Cedar County for the last four years as a Cedar County Commissioner.

“I am thankful for their support,” he said.

Wiese who will be completing his term in office as a Cedar County Commissioner does not have any definite plans right now on what he will be doing.

“I don’t have any plans for the next year but I am thinking about three or four things,” he said.