Recruitment, downtown updates surface as top community needs

Downtown Hartington from the east_Aerial_057

HARTINGTON — After reviewing a lengthy list of positives and a short list of negatives, community leaders Thursday decided recruitment of new business and continued improvements to the downtown business district should be Hartington’s top priorities for the near future.

City Council members, Economic Development Board members and other interested community members joined together Thursday for a two-and-one-half hour Town Hall meeting.

Northeast Nebraska Economic Development community planner Lowell Schroeder started the session by reviewing the recent Community Survey.

The survey listed community opinions on several topics, ranging from the quality of Hartington’s drinking water to the need for more daycare facilities in town.

After reading through the collective grades on the survey items, audience members then voted on what they felt were their six biggest priorities for the community.

The majority of the two dozen people voting felt the best way to insure a good future for the community was to bring in more business and industry.

Hartington Economic Development Board member and Cedar Knox Public Power General Manager Dan Leise said he was happy to see so many people at the meeting.

Leise agreed that creating more jobs in the Hartington area is a real need.

“Job creation is important. Being on the Economic Development Board, I see how much work goes is put into the behind the scenes. We are always trying to grow the businesses.”

Leise said the development of the industrial park is also an important step to take in this process.

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