New teacher fills multiple spots as new Cedar Catholic staff member

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HARTINGTON — Cedar Catholic has hired a new teacher at the high school level.

Drew Stone, who graduated from the University of Nebraska, Kearney, in May 2013, will teach biology, anatomy, physics, and earth science. He will also help coach football, wrestling and track.

And he brings a passion for science that stems from living in the country most of his life.

“I think probably the biggest thing was growing up on a farm,” Stone said, adding how he spent a lot of time outdoors and around animals.

Stone was born in Fairbury but grew up on a farm right outside of Endicott, a town of about 180 people.

He attended St. Michael’s Elementary through sixth grade then Fairbury Junior-Senior High School and graduated in 2007.

In school, he enjoyed studying science, especially biology, and agriculture out of all the classes. He thinks this passion probably was because he lived in the country.

That is probably where it all started, Stone said.

After high school, he was not quite sure of his path at the time, so Stone first attended Southeast Community College, Beatrice, and earned his associate degree in general studies.

Almost immediately upon his arrival at SCC, Stone began discerning his career path and figured it would be something to do with science. But he also looked into teaching.

“Then I put two and two together, and said ‘I could teach science,’” Stone said.

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