Hartington schools show enrollment decline


HARTINGTON — Both Hartington schools experienced a slight decrease in enrollment this year.

Last year, Hartington Public Elementary, grades K-6, had 114 students registered, while 109 are enrolled this year.

At the high school, 128 HPS students were signed up for the 2012-13 year,  four more than this year’s total.

The number of overall students thus, went from 242 down to 233.

Hartington Public Principal Russ Flamig said this decline is happening because families are moving away and parents are having fewer children.

Holy Trinity Elementary experienced an increase in enrollment, while the high school numbers went down.

Last year, there were163 students signed up for grades K-6. For 2013-14, it jumped to 173 students.

Cedar Catholic and Holy Trinity principal Terry Kathol said this gain is due to a small sixth grade class exiting last year and a larger incoming kindergarten class.

As for the high school, 208 students were enrolled in grades 7-12 last year. This year only 194 students are enrolled.

Similarly, Kathol said the reason for the dip in numbers was caused by a smaller incoming seventh grade class compared to the outgoing senior class of 23 students.

Last year’s total for grades K-12 then was 385, and for this year it is 371.

Wynot experienced an increase in enrollment this year.

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