Paving of Broadway continues


HARTINGTON — The paving of the center 24 feet of Broadway Avenue from State Street to Main Street was completed Monday.

The next step will be paving the east side of this stretch, said Jason Aschoff of A & R Construction, who led the Aug. 8 downtown project progress meeting.

This will be completed Friday, along with the west side of the stretch because it is not suitable to pave today because of the rain.

Once the entire street has been done, the intersection of Main Street will then be paved and following its completion, sidewalk construction will begin late next week.

The intersections at State Street and Main Street will continue to be closed to traffic to allow for sub-grade preparation and paving operations.

Ramp railings in front of Mrs. Z’s Ice Cream Shop and Sue’s Style Shop will be installed in the next few weeks, according to Aschoff.

Also, a handicap spot will be created near the front door of Steffen Drug after a request for it was made by Matt Steffen, owner of the business.

No other concerns were brought up by the business owners, architects, or contractor.
The $1.4 million project includes repaving the streets and sidewalks along Broadway Avenue from Hwy. 84 to Main Street and the installation of new water main and storm sewer piping.

New streets lamps will also be installed along both the east and west side of Broadway Avenue and the curb ramps will be made handicap accessible.
The next meeting will be Aug. 15 at 10 a.m. in the City Council Chambers.