New Fire Hall gets the green light

HARTINGTON — Construction of a new $1.17 million Fire Hall in Hartington will soon be in the works.

The Hartington City Council gave approval Monday to plans by the Rural Fire Board to build a new facility here.

Rural Fire Board President Jim Potts, along with Troy Fuelberth, vice president; Karl Koch, treasurer; and Gayle Becker, director, also talked with City Council members about how the new facility would be paid for at the Sept. 9 city meeting.

“We want you to approve the building plan for the Fire Hall and the amount we want to spend,” Potts said.

The current Hartington Fire Hall, located one block north of the proposed new site of the facility, was built in the 1960s. Firemen say they have outgrown the building and need a facility large enough to fit all of their equipment.

So, they began talking about buying a piece of land and building a new one on it. After a lot of time and discussion, they finally were able to purchase land located just south of the county courthouse, from Hartington Public School, for an appraised price of $50,000.

Now, the general contractor for the project, Randy Kathol, is ready to start construction. Kathol is also the Fire Chief.

Potts also talked about the cost of the project and how the payments would be split between the Fire Board and the city.

The total cost of the project, without the cost of the land included, is about $1,120,000.

A 20-year bond will be taken out to help pay for the project. A payment, of approximately $80,000, which includes interest, would be made each year.

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