Hassebrook wants to help everyday Nebraskans

Chuck Hassebrook_Headshot

HARTINGTON — Chuck Hassebrook spent 36 years building better lives for people through his work at The Center For Rural Affairs.

Though he has resigned from The Center and hit the campaign trail as a Democratic  candidate for governor, Hassebrook said here Thursday he will continue doing the same type of work if elected.

“After 36 years there (The Center), I wanted to find a way to have a bigger impact, and I thought that governor was the best place to have an impact and create good jobs and genuine opportunity for ordinary Nebraskans,” he said during a visit to the new Nissen Winery near Hartington.

Hassebrook was born in Columbus and raised on a farm north of Platte Center. After graduating from Lake View High School in 1973, he attended Central College for two years.

He then transferred to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and earned a degree in university studies with a focus on rural transformation.

Throughout the past 36 years at The Center, Hassebrook helped create state and federal policy reforms to strengthen family farms and small businesses and communities.

He also helped provide loans, training and business-planning assistance to more than 10,000 rural Nebraska small businesses.

Hassebrook said much of this motivation for helping ordinary people through these various avenues stems from his faith.

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