Former resident is granted full pardon


LINCOLN — A former Hartington resident was granted a full pardon for a felony conviction on a crime committed in Cedar County over 20 years ago.

Jennifer (Boettcher) Wiseman was just 17 years old and living with some friends in Hartington when she was arrested for a crime involving marijuana.

Wiseman’s boyfriend and his friend, who were living in the same house, had been picking pot out in the country and packaging it.

Nebraska State Patrol officers and Cedar County Sheriff Elliot Arens entered the house with a search warrant and arrested Wiseman and her friends Sept. 20, 1992.

Just a few days before her 18th birthday, Wiseman was sentenced to serve time at the Nebraska Dept. of Correctional Services, York, for the offense of Manufacture of a Controlled Substance.

On Aug. 5, Wiseman appeared before Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman, Secretary of State John Gale and Attorney General Jon Bruning at a public hearing.

“It was nerve-wracking,” Wiseman said.

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