City decreases budget for 2013-14

Downtown Hartington from the east_Aerial_057

HARTINGTON — The Hartington City Council made a rare move Monday by approving a budget that asked for $361,347 less than what they spent last year.

The city’s auditor, CPA Mike Pommer, Wakefield,  talked about the budget during a hearing held before the Council’s regular meeting Monday.

The city’s budget for the 2013-14 year was set at $3,222,430.50. Last year’s rang in at $3,583,777.50.

Pommer said this decrease is because funds no longer need to be budgeted for the downtown revitalization project, which is now nearly complete.

The approximately $1.4 million project included repaving Broadway Avenue and sidewalks along Broadway from Highway 84 to Main Street.

And despite the city asking for more in property tax requests, $463,727.50 compared to $457,122.50 last year, the city tax rate dropped slightly from .595879 to .587195.

The little more than $6,600 increase in tax requests is because of the higher valuations in the city limits.

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