Broadway to be torn up soon

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HARTINGTON — Crews will likely gain a week on the downtown revitalization project by tearing up the east half of Broadway Street from State to Main Street starting July 11.

Dale Bohac of JEO Consulting Group, Inc. talked with City Council members after the July 3 project progress meeting. They agreed since the weather was cooperating, removing this section would be beneficial for the project as a whole.

“It will help facilitate a more timely schedule,” Bohac said, adding that it could even put them ahead two weeks.

The removal will allow a crew from Plumbing & Electric Services, Inc. to begin installing new 12-inch water main along the block sooner than expected.

Water main construction north of Hwy. 84 to State Street was completed last week. During the process, residents had limited water use because certain valves had to be closed for a good portion of the day. These were reopened the same evening.

“The city and contractor worked very well and were able to accomplish that in a timely fashion,” Bohac said.

Driveways south of Hwy. 84 were reinstalled on the west side of Broadway Street and the street was reopened last Wednesday.

On the same day, four loads of portland cement was brought in and poured and leveled off, along with dirt. This subgrade preparation provides a base for pouring the pavement.

Bohac said the tentative plan was to begin paving the center 24 feet from the highway to State Street Tuesday.

As soon as possible, the east half of Broadway Street will be paved from the highway to State Street.

“I don’t want to be too aggressive though and jeopardize the product being placed,” Bohac said. “We want to ensure the concrete has adequate strength.”

Once the east side of the road is done, the west side of the road will then be paved.