Bow Valley woman shares her love of children

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HARTINGTON —  Eileen Wieseler has several scrapbooks in her Bow Valley home full of pictures of her “special grandkids.”

Each child holds a special place in Wieseler’s heart – all 249 of the kids.

Wieseler, who is known as Grandma to the kids, has been opening her home along with her heart to foster kids for 31 years now.

A photo was taken on the day each child arrived and also on the day they left.

“You can usually see a big difference,” Wieseler said.

A large number of the kids Wieseler has taken into her home have been infants and toddlers with special needs. Many of the kids have been physically or sexually abused by their own parents. She has cared for babies who grew addicted to crack in the womb or suffer from fetal alcohol syndrome.

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