Fordyce is preparing for big centennial event

FORDYCE – Members of Fordyce’s Centennial Committee gathered at the Fordyce Fire Hall during the Fireman’s Benefit last week to spread the word about the town’s centennial celebration.

Fordyce, named after railroad dispatcher William B. Fordyce, celebrates its centennial June 8. More than 10 volunteers from the area are planning the event.

“There is no President or Vice President on the committee, just us the members,” said Amanda Potts centennial committee member. “We are such a small community everyone helps out.”

The fundraiser accumulated generous funds, but preparations and financing for the event are far from over.

“Donations are coming in,” said Ruth Wiebelhaus committee member.

She said public and private donations are essential to the event’s success.

“We are gathering any and all photos and stories community members may have about the town,” said Casidy Potts, who also serves on the  centennial committee.