Cedar County sees $350 million valuation increase

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HARTINGTON — A jump in ag land values has pushed Cedar County’s assessed valuation up by over $350 million this year.

The 2013 assessed valuations in Cedar County have been released to the taxing entities. Almost all of the towns, school districts, fire districts and other taxing entities in the county will see an increase in value.

The valuation for Cedar County was set at close to $2 billion this year, which is a 21 percent increase over the previous year’s value which was just under $1.65 billion.

Budgets, along with the valuations from each taxing entity, will be used to set the tax levies for 2013.

Valuations for tax purposes are based on the selling price of property.

Valuations for Cedar County has continued to climb through the last 10 years. The county’s valuation in 2003 was at $661 million

Valuations on ag land across the county had to be raised this year, according to Cedar County Assessor Don Hoesing.

“All of the ag land values went up – pasture, dry crop and irrigated,” Hoesing said. “Increases on ag land range between 30-40 percent higher than last year.”

The valuation of almost every town in the county also increased.

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