Cedar benefits from Hochstein donation

HARTINGTON — Since Cedar Catholic High School put so many members of the Hochstein family on the road to success, the Hartington family has decided to help the school get down the road better itself.
Eleven-year NFL veteran Russ Hochstein was on hand here Monday morning to give the keys to a 2001 Arrow Stage Lines bus over to Holy Trinity/Cedar Catholic Principal Terry Kathol.
The bus was a gift from the entire Hochstein family.

Russ said he and his parents were, “just sitting around the table talking about things,” when they started talking about an old bus the school used to have. “Everybody knew that was the Cedar bus when it was going down the road,” he said.
“What a great way to have a rolling ambassador for your school going down the road,” he said.
The bus will seat 59 students comfortably. It also has plenty of room for equipment.

In the past, the school has had to take two busses and an equipment trailer just to get to football games, said Kathol.
“This will be great for the school,” he said.
It will be good for the schools students and athletes, too Hochstein said.
”During college and in my NFL career I’ve had to ride quite a few busses,” he said. “I certainly appreciate having a nice bus to ride in and be comfortable in.”
Hochstein said the bus is just a small token of the family’s grattitude for the great education they received from the school.