Skunks, sirens top City Council agenda

Hartington — Golf carts, skunks and new sirens were talked about at the Hartington City Council meeting July 23.
Council members received notification that a FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grant in the amount just over $35,000 has been approved.
The city’s share of the cost for two new sirens will be close to $11,500, according to Mayor Brad Peitz.

The total cost of the Hartington project is right at $46,800.
“The siren on the roof of the auditorium will be replaced with one that will be located at the Fire Station. The second siren will be placed on the north side of town and will provide coverage on the north side of Hartington,” Peitz said.
FEMA would not allow the siren on top of the Auditorium to be replaced due to the age of the building.
Cedar County Emergency Management Director, Kevin Garvin, wrote the grant at the request of the City of Hartington and the Hartington Fire Dept.

Council members will have Leise Concrete do some concrete work which will cost close to $2,800.
The concrete work involves the sidewalk by the concession stand at the Community Complex and a 525 sq. ft. area in the intersection by the City Office that needs to be repaired.
Board members agreed there are several other spots on the city streets that also need to be repaired.
Skunk problems that occurred in an area within the city limits are being taken care of, according to the Mayor.
“The people were called and they are cleaning it up,” said Peitz.

Council members will be looking at passing a new city ordinance that will deal with the new state legislation concerning restrictions for golf carts on city streets and roads.