Man convicted of fourth DUI sentenced to prison

HARTINGTON — Drinking, driving and speeding are a bad combination.
A 39-year-old man, who was driving a stolen vehicle while his driver’s license was suspended, was stopped for speeding on Hwy 12 in northern Cedar County. He had also been drinking.
Anthony Sheridan, Sioux City, Iowa, appeared before Judge Paul J. Vaughan in District Court April 9.

Sheridan was sentenced to three-five years at the Dept. of Corrections, along with a $2,000 fine and was also ordered to pay court costs. His license was revoked for 15 years.
On Dec. 30, State Patrolman Eric Kloster observed a pickup traveling at a high rate of speed on Hwy 12.
The driver was clocked at 83 MPH in a 60 MPH speed zone.
The 1997 Silverado did not have a license plate. A check on the vehicle showed it had been stolen in Sioux City earlier in the day.
Sheridan produced an ID card but did not have a driver’s license as his license had been revoked in both Iowa and Nebraska.
Sheridan was then charged with DUI. The records showed he had three other DUI convictions which involved Iowa and Nebraska.
A passenger in the vehicle also had an open alcohol container.
Sheridan was charged with theft by receiving stolen property, DUI, unauthorized use of a vehicle, driving under suspension, and speeding.